Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of tutors can be found on Vouch?
While Vouch tends to specialize in the K-12 market, tutors for all ages and levels from pre-kindergarten to post-college are welcome.
How do clients pay their tutors?
Currently, payment arrangements need to be worked out between the tutor and client. In the future, Vouch will offer its own payment system as an option.
Who can see recommendations on Vouch?
The people who make recommendations are in total control of them. They decide who can see them—just friends, friends of friends, etc.—and whether the recommendations are anonymous. Clients can edit their recommendations and change the visibility and anonymity options at any time. By default, clients share their name only with their friends and share their recommendations anonymously with friends of friends and other members of their community groups.
Can tutors see recommendations?
Tutors can see who has recommended them, but cannot see the comments or star ratings of those recommendations. Once a tutor receives several recommendations, they can see their average star rating.
Can a recommendation be censored or hidden by the tutor?
Tutors can hide the comments and star rating portion of recommendations, but potential clients will still see that their friend has worked with the tutor and that the review was muted. The potential client can of course ask both the tutor and their friend for more information about the experience. We can facilitate those conversations if the reviewer is a friend of a friend, a member of a shared community, or has chosen to remain anonymous.
If everything is free, how does Vouch make money?
As Vouch continues to grow, it will begin allowing advertisers to sponsor the top search results. Sponsored results will be easy to recognize—similar to a sponsored Google search result—and advertisers will still be subject to the same ratings and recommendations as all other tutors.