Finding Tutors with Vouch

Find great tutors together

Many parents already exchange tutoring recommendations with friends and through community mailing lists and Facebook groups. Vouch allows parents to see and search all of those recommendations at a glance, as well as see recommendations from parents in their community that may wish to remain anonymous. See Vouch in action with our demo.

We emphasize privacy and confidentiality

Parents have complete control over who can see their recommendations. By default, when a parent recommends a tutor we only share the parent’s name with that parent’s Facebook friends. We share the recommendation anonymously with their friends of friends and with other parents from the same school or parent group. Parents can choose to remain completely anonymous or share the recommendation only with a more limited group of people. Connecting Facebook to Vouch is not required to see tutors popular at schools and parent groups, but we do strongly recommend parents connect Facebook so we can also show them tutors their friends have recommended.

Bring Vouch to your parent group

Because Vouch shows parents the tutors recommended by their friends, family, and other parents in their community, Vouch works best when we bring it to an entire community at once, such as a school, parent group, church, or synagogue. With only a few minutes’ investment from you, we can help you start a thriving Vouch community centered around your parent group. To get started, send us an email at, or ask your friends to recommend tutors on Vouch

Learn more about Vouch or see our FAQ